Men’s fashion has changed because of sport

Men’s fashion has changed because of sport
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Where once, the contribution of sports stars to the world of fashion, was limited to leisurewear emblazoned with sponsors’ logos, sports stars today are modelling for leading designers and magazines, setting trends that extend beyond traditional sportswear. Stars such as David Beckham are changing the face of men’s fashion, so here we look at the history of the relationship between men’s fashion and sport and how you can dress like a sports star without breaking the bank.

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According to the Telegraph, men actually spend more per month on clothes than women. However, it seems that men buy fewer, more expensive clothes that they wear more often, while women are likely to own more clothes but only wear just over half of them regularly. The use of sports stars to promote luxury fashion brands, outside of sportswear, has probably contributed to this, but this is not how it all began.

History of men’s fashion and sport

As far back as 2005, the then Chairman of the NBA in the United States, implemented a dress code for NBA players for when they were not playing. This included a list of ‘banned’ items, as well as guidelines for what was suitable attire for press conferences and arriving to play. While the players took a while to embrace the idea, it then became clear that fashion houses could benefit by offering to dress these players.

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Many sports stars, with their build and athleticism, are natural ‘clothes horses’ who can not only wear clothes well but are also the perfect brand ambassadors for men’s fashion labels. Some have even launched their own fashion labels on the back of their sporting success, but if you can’t afford to dress like a sports star then how can you look like one? To get a traditional look when it comes to sports stars and to get yourself a selection of Football Kits to wear then you could head over to sites including

How to dress like a sports star for less

If you can’t afford the latest fashion labels you can still dress well.  This could mean embracing the ‘smart casual’ look of sports stars on the catwalk, including mens shirts such. It could also mean using accessories such as shoes, hats and even facial hair, to emulate the latest men’s fashions.

So if fashion is your thing then there is no reason why you can’t dress well for less and you too could look like a sports star.

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