Reasons for an autumn wedding

Reasons for an autumn wedding
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We tend to think of weddings as a spring or summer affair but there are some compelling reasons why autumn makes the perfect season for staging a wedding. With greater availability of your guests and the chance to set off some evening fireworks, the cool and crisp beauty of autumn can be a romantic environment for exchanging your vows. Here are some reasons to choose a date in the autumn months:

Your guests are available

One problem with summer weddings is that quite a few of your guests might be on their annual holiday. Autumn is the perfect time for people to get over their summer adventures and return to work and school. This means you should have a greater uptake on your RSVPs. There will also be a good buzz as everyone shares what they got up to in the summer. Everyone should still be sporting their holiday tans and you’re more likely to find both a venue and photographer with dates available. For a Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester, visit Hatton Court, a highly popular Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire.

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The colours of autumn are gorgeous for a wedding celebration. Think deep oranges, bright reds, golden yellows and purples. Make the most of these stunning seasonal tones with bouquets, corsages and table centre pieces consisting of orange dahlias and hibiscus, for example. If you love apples, then autumn is the ideal time to introduce them into your decorations and menu. Think hot cider, toffee apples and even a bit of apple bobbing for entertainment!


Rather than suffer the disappointment of a chilly forecast on your summer wedding date, with an autumn booking, you know you’re in for a crisper experience. This means you’re prepared and who knows, you might even get a surprise sun-filled day! You’ll have a greater choice of wedding dresses, being able to opt for elegant long-sleeves or wedding cape for example. Add in luxurious accessories like faux fur shrugs or a stunning wedding cloak and you won’t need to worry about overheating in the summer heat.

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Romantic Candles

Light some matches and create a warm glow for your celebrations as the evenings draw in. Candles of any size, shape and colour will create a cosy and romantic atmosphere. If your venue comes with an old-fashioned fireplace, you could even follow up the party with some hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows!


Despite all of these wonderful aspects of an autumn wedding, you will still be in the minority when it comes to booking out of season. This is good news for your budget as it means that venues, suppliers and photographers will be setting their prices at a lower rate than they would in the summer.

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