Reasons to use reclaimed wood

Reasons to use reclaimed wood
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Reclaimed wood is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Many people carrying out home improvements or projects, swear by reclaimed wood. So, why do people love it so much? Here are some reasons you should consider using it for your next project:

  1. Age

Reclaimed wood is the ultimate in vintage style. Or perhaps you prefer calling it old. Whatever your preference, reclaimed wood is beautifully aged. It’s been around, matured and has a story to tell.

  1. Stability

Aged wood offers greater stability as it has dried out and seasoned meaning it’s less likely to twist, cup or move. This also makes it easier to work.

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  1. Eco-Friendly

Using reclaimed wood is also kinder to the environment as it reduces the emissions as a result of logging, manufacture and transportation new timber. Reusing wood also saves it from being dumped in landfill and stops unnecessary tree felling.

  1. Unique and original

When you use reclaimed wood, you can guarantee that nobody else will have a property or item that looks the same as you would with mass produced wood. For those seeking a distinctive and special look or feel, reclaimed wood is ideal.

  1. A Story

Reclaimed wood is also known as story or historical wood. This is because every piece tells a tale, from its origins and original purpose to how it came to be reclaimed. Perhaps the wood has come from the ruins of a historical building, a railway or abandoned boats. Customers love hearing the stories of this wood as it offers a glimpse into the unique history of the UK. For reclaimed wood and other pre-loved items like Antique Fireplaces Ireland, visit

  1. Quality

The majority of reclaimed wood is old growth, harvested at a time when trees were left to grow slowly. A slow growth time results in a dense grain which offers a superior quality and incredible strength that you just don’t find in modern tree growth.

  1. Character

People love reclaimed wood for its unique character. All the elements such as bolt holes, staining, knots and nail holes are all natural and man-made imperfections that make each piece unique and full of personality. It’s a one-of-a-kind object with no two boards looking the same. This is yet another compelling reason why people love to work with reclaimed materials.

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8. Aesthetics

The greatest selling point of reclaimed wood is the culmination of all the above points – quality, age, character and stability. All these factors combine to make it truly beautiful.

9. Inspiration

The act of turning something old into something useful and new is very inspiring for many people. Increasingly, people want to feel inspired and want to be resourceful when carrying out a remodelling or renovation project.

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