The 10 most beautiful cities in Germany

The 10 most beautiful cities in Germany
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What are the most beautiful cities in Germany? Here is the ranking of the 10 most important cities: discover the main destinations to visit in Germany

Germany is not just Berlin. Traveling through the country it is in fact possible to cross different historical centers, small medieval villages and several other metropolises, pervaded by history and culture.

Here is the list of the ten most beautiful cities in Germany …

1 – Berlin

Beautiful cities in Germany

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the cultural, political, scientific and exhibition centers of the whole of Europe, even though it is one of the most populous cities, with its 3,531,201 inhabitants. A city full of life and energy, Berlin is a young city, home to numerous festivals, fairs and events, which together with numerous cultural destinations, and make it suitable for any type of holiday.

2 – Munich

Beautiful cities in Germany

Munich with its almost 2 million inhabitants is the third largest city in Germany. Famous for being the home of royal residences (some of which are used by Disney as a model) and home to numerous churches and museums, Munich is a city where trendy and folklore marry to perfection. Just drop by at the Oktoberfest and at the Allianz Arena to realize it.

3 – Stuttgart

Beautiful cities in Germany

Stuttgart has about 600,000 inhabitants, and is among the best known cities in Germany, due to its administrative, economic and above all cultural importance. A typical tourist town, known for its countless historical and cultural sites, as well as for the large automotive industries (Porsche and BMW), Stuttgart is located near the Neckar river and the Black Forest, famous for being the setting for many of the Grimm tales.

4 – Frankfurt

Beautiful cities in Germany

Frankfurt, with its 701.350 inhabitants, is one of the largest cities in Germany, and is located on the river Main. Due to its almost total reconstruction, due to the bombing suffered during the war, Frankfurt has lost almost all its historical heritage, but still has some interesting tourist attractions, such as numerous shops, skyscrapers and art galleries. Germany’s financial center and one of the most important in Europe, Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank and the Bank of Frankfurt.

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5 – Hamburg

Beautiful cities in Germany

Hamburg, with its 1,763 million inhabitants, is the second most populous city in Germany. Located on the estuary of the river Elbe, Hamburg is in effect a city state, and still today bears the title of Freie-und Hansestadt Hamburg (Free City and Hanseatic Hamburg). A city with a magical atmosphere, given by the contrast between the ancient structures of the center, dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the port, with its futuristic buildings, Hamburg provides everyone with the right opportunity to have fun. Famous for its Spiecherstadt, the largest warehouse complex in the world that rests on thousands of stakes, the city also has “night life” as cultural entertainment and / or suitable for families.

6 – Weimar

Beautiful cities in Germany

Weimar is a city of 65,479 inhabitants of Thuringia, and is one of the largest cultural centers in all of Germany. With its rather small size, the city has no representative monuments, but it can be considered a monument, to the extent that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has given birth to famous people such as Schiller, Goethe, Bach and Nietzsche, and is home to the Buchenwald concentration camp, now active as a center of memory and documentation.

7 – Leipzig

Beautiful cities in Germany

Leipzig is a city of 531.562 inhabitants located in Saxony, historically significant as the seat, in 1813, of the Battle of the Nations, and in 1989 of some peaceful demonstrations pro-fall of the Berlin Wall. To date, Leipzig is called the “New Berlin ” because it is modeled after the example of the capital, which is cheaper and with a night life of equal “fame”.

8 – Cologne

Beautiful cities in Germany

Located on the banks of the Rhine, Cologne has 1,800,000 inhabitants, making it the fourth largest city in Germany. Completely rebuilt after the Second World War, it is regarded as the cultural, political and especially economic center of the Rhineland, given the great presence of metallurgical, automotive and chemical industries. Famous for its carnival, legend has it that the remains of the Three Wise Men are preserved in the Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996).

9 – Nuremberg

Beautiful cities in Germany


In the Land of Bavaria, on the banks of the Pegnitz River, Nuremberg has over half a million inhabitants. Despite being rebuilt after the Second World War, the city center still has some interesting buildings from an artistic and historical point of view.

10 – Dresden

Beautiful cities in Germany

Dresden is a city of 531.806 inhabitants, located on the Elbe River. The city valley had been included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage and was then removed in 2009, following the construction of the Waldschlösschen Bridge, guilty of usurping the landscape portrayed by Canaletto in his paintings.

Famous for its Christmas markets, Dresden makes architectural experimentation its workhorse: on one side we have the faithfully baroque part, on the other the modern part, with the famous house that plays when it rains.

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