The Best Apps To Train Your Mind and Be Smarter

The Best Apps To Train Your Mind and Be Smarter
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If you want to be smarter and train your mind to be more agile, lucid, fast or persistent, you can use any of the applications that we suggest in this guide to use the technology in your favor.

There are many types of intelligence and in turn, these can train like muscles, dominate and shine in order to be a more lucid, efficient or creative person.

To stimulate, concentration, memory, skill or creativity you can perform all kinds of activities, from reading daily to practice with meditation techniques, solve hobbies and exercises such as Sudoku, crossword puzzles or hieroglyphics, play a game of chess or for a few decades, to take advantage of the help provided by technology.

As the application market has software to learn to program, discover music, prepare delicious dishes, study or edit photographic material, diving in the App Store and Google Play you will also find applications to train your brain and be smarter from your smartphone, taking advantage of any dead time or dedicating a few minutes a day. Let’s go there!

11 applications to improve your intelligence and train your brain

Best Apps To Train Mind

1) Skillz

If logic games are your thing, this powerful application has a lot to offer you. Your fun card games will help you improve your memory, train your reflex sense, increase your accuracy and mental speed, learn the color coordination or boost your mental abilities. As you progress, the levels will increase in difficulty.

2) NeuroNation

With more than 15 million members, it is a safe bet to develop your intelligence, improve concentration, stimulate logical thinking or reduce stress through 29 exercises and 8 specialized courses, personalized trainings and detailed statistics of your cognitive abilities. Recently, the Freie University of Berlin endorsed the effectiveness of the brain training of the application, in which all its exercises have been developed in collaboration with renowned neuroscientists.

3) Lumosity

Another of the most famous alternatives – not in vain is used by more than 85 million people around the world – is Lumosity, a digital proposal of brain training with more than 25 games that play sticks such as memory, attention and other basic cognitive skills. Available for both Android and iOS, this application offers training designed by scientists to exercise your mind.

4) Smart

This is an entertaining and intuitive puzzle format game to train and develop your mental skills. For joy of your mind, it has 28 games and more than 600 levels to improve memory, attention and flexibility of the brain, as well as the concentration and speed of the reaction.

5) Clockwork Brain

It is not necessary to follow a rigorous brain training of several hours, but you can take advantage to stimulate your mind in the free moments solving puzzles or having fun with mini-games, each developed to work a different cognitive ability. It has been considered one of the 500 best applications in the world, according to The Sunday Times. In addition, it shines especially in the section of its spectacular handmade design.

6) Peak

This app includes 30 small games of memory, attention and mental agility. Within it, you can choose the skills you want to improve and program your own trainings. Its creators point out that the games have been designed with the advice of experts in neuroscience, cognitive science and education.

7) Left vs Right

If you want to test your conscience, adaptability, reflection, reasoning, precision and patience, this complete application offers you 49 games to train your brain. You can activate the color blind menu and if you become a VIP member you can train the six categories each day, in addition to accessing data such as percentiles or your score history in each game.

8) Khan Academy

If you are looking for an educational application, Khan Academy has more than 10,000 videos and explanations about subjects such as science, mathematics, economics, history and much more. Its operation is one in digital Cyclopedia: only need select the item you want, seek and access information. So that your smartphone does not consume too much data, you can choose the mode without an Internet connection.

9) Duolingo

To learn languages online through fun games. Its effectiveness and success are guaranteed by its  50 million downloads, together with its high availability – in English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

10) TED

Although it does not contain exercises, it offers valuable resources to expand your mind, improve your motivation or polish your leadership ability thanks to speeches, rabbits and experiences of specialists, creatives, comedians or pioneers of their fields. This is the official app of TED talks, which gives you access to a library with more than 1,700 videos and audios. It is updated weekly and with it you can create playlists to consult the material without the need of an Internet connection.

11) 94 Seconds

If when you were little you had fun with the Scattergoris, this online game explores your mental agility or your vocabulary in a very similar way but in an online format. From a letter and a category you will have to look for a word that begins with that letter. As its name suggests, the limit is set at 94 seconds, and the more rare, complex and longer the words, the more points you get. You can compete with friends or with strangers.

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