This simple ingredient will make your windows shine

This simple ingredient will make your windows shine
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Most homeowners will know that a vinegar based solution is the perfect way to clean windows. In this article we take a look at some of the tricks of the trade to ensure your window cleaner leaves them shining brightly!

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The best results

Whether we live in urban or rural areas, dirt builds up on our windows from a variety of sources, from traffic pollution to the vagaries of the British weather. For a streak-free window, we recommend adding a tablespoon of cornstarch to equal parts of vinegar and water. It really is that simple! All you need is a spray bottle, a liquid measuring cup, a small sieve, a small whisk, the juice from half a lemon, a tablespoon of cornstarch, half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of water, as well as some old newspaper. Whether cleaning double glazing in Gloucester or Gateshead, you are sure of some excellent results!

The process

To start with, juice half a lemon and pour into the measuring cup. Use a sieve to remove any pips. Lemons are a fabulous cleaning aid as they are naturally acidic and cut through grease and grime, as well as providing a fresh and clean aroma.

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Whisk the white vinegar and cornstarch together; don’t be put off by the milky substance you end up with. That double glazing in Gloucester or Gateshead is in for a real treat!

After a good mixing add the solution with about half a cup of water into your spray bottle.

Let the cleaning commence!

Newspaper is by far the best way to clean a window. The ink won’t rub off on the glass and won’t leave bits of fibre on it either. Shake the bottle and you are good to go! Spray the entire window and use circular motions as you clean. You will be amazed at the results.

Top tips

After you have finished cleaning your windows and admiring your handy work, you can refrigerate the remaining cleaning solution. We’d recommend adding a label to the bottle to avoid any family members mistaking it for something drinkable. Although the solution wouldn’t do any lasting harm, it certainly wouldn’t taste very nice!

This homemade cleaning spray is quick, easy, cheap and most importantly, effective, leaving your windows dressed to impress!

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