Tips for Building an On-Premise Laundry

Tips for Building an On-Premise Laundry
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Hotels, spas, restaurants, and nursing homes are some of the industries that will benefit from having an on-premise laundry. Rather than outsourcing washing and drying services, you can consider building an on-site facility depending on the needs. For the highest level of success, keep on reading and learn from the tips we’ll share.

  • Start with the Right Equipment

Your choice of equipment can make or break your on-premise laundry. Source your washers and dryers only from reputable companies. If you need an industrial laundry equipment, Continental Girbau is one of the best options to consider. They have a wide array of brands and models that can suit your needs. The company built a name for offering top-notch products that deliver reliable performance while also being energy-efficient.

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  • Train Your People

It is not enough that you source your equipment from companies like Continental Girbau, which is also a provider of laundry vending solutions. You have to complement it with the skills of your people, so provide comprehensive training to those who will use the washers and dryers. For instance, proper handling, sorting, and collection are important to preserve the quality of the fabric.

  • Take Advantage of Technology

Use the latest technologies when building your on-premise laundry. The initial costs can be high, but the long-term benefits will be worth the expenses. For instance, invest in automatic cooling and heating systems. This is also important to make the employees comfortable. Also, use smart washers, extractors, and dryers. They should work as if they have a mind of their own to minimize human intervention while guaranteeing the best outcomes.

  • Go Green

Consider the different ways to make laundry greener in your on-premise facility. One of the best things to do is to invest in energy-efficient appliances. Look for those with Energy Star Certification. Be mindful of the detergent you will use, making sure that they do not contain toxic chemicals that can contaminate humans, animals, and the environment. Find ways to conserve and recycle water from your laundry operations.

  • Pay Attention to the Care and Maintenance

Like in laundromats, you also have to emphasize the care and maintenance of equipment in an on-premise laundry to keep them working at their best. Unlike regular washers and dryers you have at home, they are more powerful, and hence, require more attention. Keep them clean and well-maintained to ensure peak performance and prevent costly repairs.

  • Mind the Layout

The layout is important to make the on-premise laundry more productive. People should be able to move easily, especially when there is mobile equipment involved. The location of the equipment is also an important consideration to maximize their functionality. Consider the sequence of the processes to know the best way to arrange the laundry equipment.

Building an on-premise laundry facility can help some businesses save money. However, this is only the case when you do things right. From the right equipment to the right layout, consider our suggestions above to make the most of an in-house laundry.

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