Ugly Ceiling Beams and what you can do

Ugly Ceiling Beams and what you can do
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Whether structural or added for supposedly aesthetic reasons, sometimes a beam running across can make an otherwise acceptable ceiling an eyesore. If you choose to remove a superficial beam, the aftereffects are usually an indented strip in the plaster that requires the entire ceiling be plastered.

Ugly Ceiling Beams

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If the beam is structural, it is impossible to remove it unless the entire ceiling is removed and replaced. In most cases, this is prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, there are methods for dealing with ugly ceiling beams.

Bringing Down the Ceiling

Many methods essentially work to lower the entire height of the ceiling and hide the beam, but how you go about this can be achieved in several different ways. Drop ceilings or hanging ceilings are traditionally found in offices and are used to hide industrial ceilings and wires, but they can also be used at home. The advantage of installing a drop ceiling is the cost, the ease of installation and the variety of panels available. From rustic, bleached wood to hi-tech metallic grills, the options are endless.

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Likewise, a textile ceiling can be installed quickly and cheaply in most locations. Barrisol stretch ceilings probably offer the most convincing, genuine looking plastered ceiling. The non-flammable PVC fabric is simply stretched across the expanse of the room and fitted to a track system running around the perimeter. Heat is used to create a perfectly flat, taut ceiling.

Mend and Make do.

Of course, some ceilings are already too low to consider lowering any further. In these cases, the only options are disguise and decoration. With wood beams in rustic settings, remove all nails and fittings before sanding down thoroughly and painting it a shade that matches the existing ceiling. For metal beams, drywall can be used to create a box cover, which can be secured in place and painted over.

In both cases, creating texture with plaster or paint and choosing a slightly lighter colour for the beam can also further disguise its existence and help it to blend into the ceiling. However you choose to disguise your unsightly beamed ceiling, you’re only limited by your imagination.

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