What to expect when having a new boiler installed

What to expect when having a new boiler installed
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If you’re getting a new boiler, you could be feeling a bit worried about what’s involved and the expected level of interference. First, never try to install a boiler yourself. This is a job that can only be completed by a certified and registered engineer. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare yourself and your home during the installation period.

You will most likely receive a visit from an engineer prior to the installation date so to see the area where you wish the boiler to be positioned, check if there are safer or improved alternatives and check whether everything should be continued. They will check the location of the boiler, the number of radiators in the house, the level of water pressure, the position of the chimney and the amount of bathrooms. This is the perfect opportunity to advise you of the optimal location to position the boiler and how it will be installed. This is also a good time to discuss payment plans and set a date for work to be done.

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You might be wondering how long that work will last? Because each property is different, it’s tricky to answer this question. Much depends on the amount of refitting needed and how long it will take to remove the existing system. Direct installation is usually completed in one day but should be no more than two, unless large repairs are also needed.

You don’t need to stay home all day, as long as you return in time for the engineer to give you some instructions on how to use your new boiler. Before work begins, the gas engineer will lay dust and protective sheets for the carpet around him to limit the mess and dust.

After the installation is complete, your engineer may also need to do a power flushing after setting up a new system. This is a process used to clean pipes from any additional debris in the system from installing a new boiler. At this time, it’s wise to consider protecting your pipes from damage with Pipe Protectors from https://www.meterbox.co.uk/pipe-protectors

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During installation, your registered gas-safe engineer will ensure that all components are properly connected and securely attached to the gas line. They will then go through important safety information with you and show you how to use your new boiler in more detail. Engineers will clean their workspace and remove any rubbish, such as your old boiler if you’ve had a new one fitted. 

Remember that installing a gas device can only be done by certified and qualified safe gas engineers. Never try to repair or replace equipment such as a DIY project.

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