What’s the right time to put a VOIP call system into your business?

What’s the right time to put a VOIP call system into your business?
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VoIP continues to revolutionise the way we work and communicate worldwide, and given the potential benefits it offers to businesses, it’s not surprising that it’s increasingly popular. When is the right time to adopt a VoIP call system?

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Can your business handle VoIP?

For the highest-quality service that runs smoothly, you need to ensure you have a fast, capable internet connection with adequate bandwidth to cope with the inbound and outbound calls. Keep in mind that speeds can vary by geographic location, so it’s worth checking an online broadband speed map to see whether this may affect your business.

Implementation of super fast fibre broadband, cloud services and VoIP is in demand, both by businesses and in terms of client and customer expectations. One illustration of this is how Portsmouth has recently invested in substantial infrastructure so that it can join the other 41 “Gigabit” cities in the UK.

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Do you need to cut costs?

One of the biggest benefits is the cost saving implication. VoIP-based calls can save up to 90 per cent on your usual landline communications, with heavily reduced rates and even free international calls in many cases.

A quality wholesale VoIP provider like www.idtexpress.com/blog/category/wholesale-voip/ will prioritise the safety and security of the system. They’ll take the hassle out of the process, ensure a reliable service and provide competitive rates.

Other VoIP benefit considerations

Bigger businesses tend to reap the biggest benefit, so if you’re going to invest in VoIP systems, take full advantage of what they offer. VoIP setup is straightforward, call quality can be very good, and phone lines can conveniently be scaled up or down according to need. Maintenance of VoIP systems is easier than that of landlines, with quick diagnosis and problem resolution. The result is happier customers and clients, whose calls are always answered or transferred smoothly.

Calls can also be automatically routed to other phones outside of the office, while additional avenues of connectivity, such as instant messaging, can increase flexibility and productivity within a business of any size.

If you have the need for increased flexibility, reduced call costs and a more reliable call system and you have the internet connectivity to support it, it may just be the perfect time to harness the potential of a VoIP system.

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